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"With war, everything is lost," Pope Francis reiterates on Italian television.
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In an interview on the Italian program "A Sua Immagine" (In His Image), Pope Francis called for peace and insisted that "everything can be lost with war."

By attending this interview, Pope Francis has become the first Pontiff to visit a television studio.

The recording took place on May 27 at the Italian RAI television station in Saxa Rubra and was broadcast on Sunday morning, June 4.

During the interview, Pope Francis spoke about wars and affirmed that "it is a story as old as humanity: with the peace, we always win, perhaps little, but we win."

On the contrary, he stressed that "with war, everything is lost, and the supposed gains are losses."

In this sense, he recalled the words of Pius XII, who, at the beginning of the Second World War, defended that "with peace, nothing is lost. Everything can be lost with war".

Referring to the countries suffering from war, especially Ukraine, the Holy Father lamented that "there is a pleasure in torture."

He explained that "we are seeing it in war, in war movies, the pleasure... And so many soldiers are working there torturing Ukrainian soldiers. I have seen the movies. And this sometimes happens with the boys."

Pope Francis was also asked about other topics, such as the Jubilee 2025, which he referred to as an occasion "to bring everyone closer to each other, to God, to dissolve problems, to forgive."

He also highlighted the media's vital role and assured that they "must help people to meet, to understand each other, to make friends and to keep away the little devils that ruin people's lives."

He also spoke about the meaning of pain when he met a mother who had lost her son and recalled the importance of "tenderness" and of "accompanying pain.

"I was also accompanied in the moment of pain. One thing I learned when I had that illness at the age of 21, almost until death: in the face of pain, only gestures and words are useful... There are no words for pain, only gestures, and silence", he expressed.


This article was originally published on ACI Prensa.

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