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Vatican News: Pope Francis' & Zelensky, New Vatican Constitution & Euthanasia in Portugal

In this week's Vaticano Updates, we bring you the most important news from Pope Francis and the Vatican. Join us as we bring you the latest statements and actions of Pope Francis. The first story covers Mother's Day, where Pope Francis entrusted all mothers, including those in heaven, to the Virgin Mary, and prayed for the alleviation of suffering in Ukraine. The second story highlights the new constitution of the Vatican City State, which emphasizes the power of the pope over the sovereign state. The third story covers the pontiff's expression of sorrow over the legalization of euthanasia in Portugal. The fourth story reports on Pope Francis' meeting with Ukraine's President Zelenskyy and their discussion on the humanitarian and political situation in Ukraine. The final story covers the pope's prayers for a cease-fire between Israelis and Palestinians.

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