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Vatican Diplomat Archbishop Paul Gallagher Awarded for Promoting Peace

This week in Rome, Archbishop Paul Gallagher was honored with a special peace award, recognizing his dedication to ending conflicts and fostering global harmony. The Archbishop is the Vatican's head of relations with states and international organizations. His work has contributed significantly to promoting peace, especially in the present conflicts in Ukraine and Israel.

Gallagher is often considered "the Vatican's foreign minister" under Pope Francis. He plays a pivotal role in Vatican diplomacy. After meeting with Pope Francis, global leaders meet privately with Gallagher. Gallagher promotes conflict resolutions and the Catholic Church's potential role in peace-building.

The award ceremony was hosted in Rome's picturesque Campidoglio Square. Accepting the award, Gallagher emphasized the Vatican's commitment to dialogue, stating, "The essence of our work for peace is not just in governing processes but in establishing dialogues with those who represent 'the other,' creating conditions where the other is seen not as an opponent but as an opposite."

In his conversation with EWTN News, Gallagher expressed his gratitude for the award, dedicating it to the Holy See, Pope Francis, and the Vatican's longstanding peace efforts. He acknowledged the challenges in today's world, emphasizing the need for sincere dialogue amidst prevalent anger and pain.

The event, organized by the Ducci Foundation, a cultural and interreligious organization promoting dialogue and understanding, highlighted Gallagher's critical and fundamental role in the Vatican's global policies. Paolo Ducci, the foundation's founder, praised Gallagher's impactful work.

Various ambassadors attended the ceremony, including the US ambassador to the Holy See, Joe Donnelly, who underscored the importance of Gallagher's advocacy for peace.

Gallagher's concluding remarks reiterated the Vatican's unwavering commitment to peace, stressing its crucial need in today's turbulent times.

The recognition of Archbishop Gallagher's efforts by the Ducci Foundation and the international community underlines the Vatican's active and essential role in global peace initiatives.

(Adapted by Jacob Stein)

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