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The Three Secrets of Fatima Explained

In this captivating YouTube video, we explore the incredible story of the three secrets of Fatima. On May 13th, 1917, three young shepherds witnessed a supernatural apparition of the Virgin Mary and were entrusted with three secrets. The first secret was a vision of hell and the suffering of sinners, the second a prediction of the end of the Great War and the beginning of another, and the third a vision of the death of the Pope and other religious figures. Through interviews with Jacinta Pereiro Marto, niece of Francisco and Jacinta, we gain a deeper understanding of the events that took place during the apparitions. Witness the Miracle of the Sun and learn about the tragic deaths of the two smaller shepherds who were taken to heaven by the Virgin Mary. Join us as we delve into this incredible story and uncover the mysteries behind the three secrets of Fatima.

The Three Secrets of Fatima Explained
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