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Special Tour in Vatican Gardens Honors the Blessed Mother

Throughout the Marian Month of May, the Vatican Gardens are opening their gates to pilgrims from around the world for a special tour in honor of the Blessed Mother. This pilgrimage, titled "May with Mary," was created last year in collaboration with the Vatican Museums and includes ten stops at some of the most important images and statues of the Madonna in the Gardens.

Offered every Wednesday and Saturday, the visit is led by Sr. Emanuela Edwards, Head of the Educational Activities Office of the Vatican Museums. She guides pilgrims through the beauty of the Vatican Gardens, highlighting the various Marian images found throughout the grounds.

"Throughout our trip, we will meet some of the most important shrines to our Lady. For example, the Grotto of Lourdes, the image of Our Lady of Fatima, the Madonna of Guadalupe," said Sr. Emanuela. "We see some of the most important images, but also there are images from all over the world, so we find devotions from Latin America and the Philippines. It's international."

The Marian grottos, frescos, and statues featured in the "May with Mary" tour reflect the devotion of people across the globe who have turned to the Queen of Peace in times of war and struggle. Pilgrims stop at each Marian shrine to pray for peace, aligning with Pope Francis's incessant call for peace in today's world.

"Given the state of our world today and the call from our Holy Father, we have decided to offer these pilgrimages for peace," explained Sr. Emanuela. "At each sanctuary of Our Lady, we say a Hail Mary for the intention of peace, and throughout the visit, I underline the places where Our Lady has intervened in the story of humanity to bring about peace."

As pilgrims walk through the Vatican Gardens, where past popes like St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI would often take their daily walks for moments of quiet and prayer, the blossoming nature of the garden serves as a beautiful reminder of why the month of May is dedicated to Mary.

"She always leads us to greater devotion. She always leads us to the Truth," Sr. Emanuela reflected. "When we travel through the Vatican gardens, that's what we see: We see the embrace of a mother who loves us and calls us back to her."

For those seeking a moment of reflection and prayer, the "May with Mary" pilgrimage offers a serene and spiritually enriching experience amidst the beauty and history of the Vatican Gardens.

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Bénédicte Cedergren is a Swedish-French freelance journalist. After graduating from the University of Stockholm with a degree in Journalism, Bénédicte moved to Rome where she earned a degree in Philosophy at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas. She also sings sacred music and works as a photographer. Passionate about spreading the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith, Bénédicte enjoys sharing the testimonies of others and writing stories that captivate and inspire. She works for EWTN Vatican as a collaborator. 

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