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The Risks and Opportunities of AI: A Catholic Perspective

In this video, Fr. Philip Larrey, the Dean of the Philosophy Department at the Pontifical Lateran University, discusses the rapid progress in artificial intelligence and the potential risks and opportunities it poses for society and humanity. The most advanced AI system currently is ChatGPT, an advanced chatbot that is exhibiting unprecedented capabilities in crafting essays and fiction, designing websites, and writing code. Fr. Larrey expresses concern about the potential misuse of this technology and the need for control and management. However, he also highlights the extraordinary opportunities that AI offers and the importance of embedding a Christian worldview with the human at the center of this technology. He believes that the Church can play a role in this by engaging in dialogue with those developing AI technology and framing the issue within a conceptual scheme of human flourishing. Overall, Fr. Larrey emphasizes the need to tread carefully and balance the risks and opportunities of AI technology.

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Benjamin Crockett is a journalist for the EWTN Vatican Bureau. 

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