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Pope Francis offers 5 commitments on the road to Christmas
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Pope Francis proposed to the faithful 5 concrete commitments to live with intensity the remaining days of Advent 2022, and to prepare the heart for the birth of the Child Jesus through simple actions.

At the Angelus on December 12, 2021, and before the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square, the Pontiff asked the question: "What can I do concretely?

In the same vein, he called to ask himself: "These days, as we approach Christmas, how can I do my part?

In response, he encouraged us to make "a concrete commitment, even a small one, that fits our life situation" and carry it forward to prepare ourselves for this Christmas.

Along these lines, he listed 5 commitments that the faithful can make to live with faith and hope this time of joy for the arrival of the Child Jesus:

1. Calling a lonely person on the phone.

2. Visiting an elderly or sick person.

3. Do something to serve a poor person, a person in need.

4. To ask for forgiveness, to forgive, to clear up any conflict or to settle a debt.

5. To take up prayer again and approach the Lord's forgiveness.

"Brothers and sisters, let us look for something concrete and do it! May the Virgin, in whose womb God became flesh, help us", he prayed.

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