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Beatification of the Ulma Family: A Family of Martyrs For Sheltering Jews

In a historic event on September 10th, Cardinal Marcello Semeraro announced the beatification of an entire family - farmer Jozef Ulma, his seven-month-pregnant wife Wiktoria, and their six children, aged one and a half to eight. The Holy Mass celebrating their beatification took place in Markowa, a village in southeastern Poland, which was the family's home.

This beatification is unprecedented in the history of the Catholic Church, as it marks the first time an entire family has been beatified simultaneously. The Ulma family, often referred to as "the Samaritans of Markowa," earned this recognition due to their unwavering commitment to the commandment of love and their emulation of the good Samaritan.

Their remarkable story dates back to the Second World War when they opened their hearts and home to shelter eight Jews fleeing the Nazi regime's persecution. Their selfless act of kindness was a beacon of hope in a time marked by hatred and violence.

Poland's Chief Rabbi, Michael Schudrich, was present at the ceremony to pay tribute to these martyrs who risked their lives to save others.

While the beatification ceremony took place in Poland, Pope Francis, speaking in Rome after the Angelus prayer, celebrated the Ulma family's exemplary devotion to love and service.

Pope Francis stated, "They opposed the hatred and violence that characterized that time with evangelical love. May this Polish family, which represents a ray of light in the darkness of the Second World War, be for all of us a model to imitate in the zeal for goodness and service to those in need. A round of applause for this family of Blesseds!"

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